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Buzz Oven is a place to learn more about food, cooking, recipes and kitchen appliances. There are links to a number of websites containing lots of useful information.

Some of the things you can read about here include some interesting facts about rice and potatoes. I would be very surprised if you do not learn something new.

If you would like your website to be featured on Buzz Oven then take a look at the Buzz Your Blog page. We also accept high quality, interesting guest posts.

An important part of being able to prepare the best foods at home is knowing how to store food safely and hygenically. Find out more about the best integrated fridge freezers and how they can help to save you space over two separate units.

Good Food Recipes has information on a variety of different great tasting dishes. One area that they specialize in is good Italian food recipes so if you want to learn more about preparing the best Italian dishes at home, why not check them out?

When it comes to cooking quinoa, Wendy Polisi is an expert. Her website talks about all aspects of quinoa from health and nutrition through to a wide range of recipes and cooking tips. Check out Cooking Quinoa to find out more.

The Outdoor Kitchens Guide is a full informational resource for designing, planning, equipping, and actually building an outdoor kitchen. Written by a professional outdoor kitchen contractor, we help you navigate through this home improvement project from start to finish so the end result will be an addition that adds real value to your home.

Press Coffee Lounge is your one stop shop for coffee maker and coffee grinder comparisons. This site can help you find the ideal unit at the best price. Find out more about drip coffee makers and the new style pod brewers. There are a number of reviews of various manufacturers including Cuisinart, Krups and Zojirushi.

Best Smoothie Recipes is your number 1 source for smoothie recipes of all types ranging from fruit smoothie recipes like a delicious strawberry smoothie through to the healthiest green smoothies. But there is more to these drinks than simply great health. Why not try one of the more indulgent recipes like an ice cream smoothie? Read about some of the best smoothie recipes available for free online.

Best Buy Kitchen Appliances has a crazy number of reviews of a whole range of kitchen appliances for the home. This might be a good place to look if you know you want something but have not yet made up your mind.

The Japanese Rice Cooker Store is your one stop shop for rice cooker reviews and recipes. Rice, cooked properly, is a great accompaniment for many meals. And with the high quality appliances sold today, there are lots of great recipes that you can cook inside your rice cooker itself.

The topic of baking tins is much wider than you might think. There are a huge number of shapes and sizes to consider. Head over to Baking Tins to find out more.

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