Staying On A Natural Gluten Free Diet

Staying On A Natural Gluten Free Diet

For the great majority of people, eating wheat, rye, and barley is a natural healthy practice. However, for an unfortunate few (about 0.5 to 1% of Americans) who have the affliction known as celiac disease, eating these grains can be a very unhealthy thing to do. This is because they contain gluten, and if one suffers from celiac disease the gluten damages the lining of the small intestine.

The symptoms can be quite severe and may include abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, anemia, hair loss, and constipation. These people need to maintain a gluten free diet.

In order to have a gluten free diet, of course the starting point is to stop eating wheat, rye and barley. However, it is not quite that simple, for a number of reasons. One problem is that oats sometimes contain gluten and sometimes not, so you need to check the label to make sure the food containing oats is free of gluten.

A bigger problem is the fact that most processed foods (foods that have more than one ingredient mixed together) have wheat, rye or barley in them, but the label often does not make that clear.

You need to look for code words and phrases on the label that tell you the food contains gluten, such as stabilizer, modified food starch, emulsifier, and malt. A list of foods that contain gluten can be an eye-opener. For example, candy and deli meats can include gluten.

It is important to keep up your enthusiasm despite these difficulties with finding hidden gluten. In the first place, you need to remember that after you do your initial research it will be much easier to locate gluten-free foods afterwards.

In addition, almost all whole foods do not contain gluten, and it is healthy for all people to eat more whole foods and fewer processed foods. Your gluten free diet will also be a healthier diet. If your taking vitamins make sure the natural vitamins you’re taking are gluten free as well.

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