Know the Other Side: Centrum Cardio Side Effects

Know the Other Side: Centrum Cardio Side Effects

Centrum Cardio is a brand of multivitamins specially formulated to improve cardiac health by lowering cholesterol. Since it is not necessary to have a doctor’s prescription to be able to purchase the vitamins, many people actually use it, and it has been making a good name in the market ever since it was first released.

However, the vitamins have negative effects that are either unnoticed or overlooked in view of the idea that Centrum Cardio is safe since it does not necessitate a prescription. Here are some of the known Centrum Cardio side effects.

Peanuts and soy are two of the ingredients of Centrum Cardio, and over the years, the two have been the culprit in a number of allergic reactions that are fatally dangerous. Hence, those who exhibit sensitivity to such components are advised not to try the multivitamins, unless allowed by medical professionals.

It also has a good dose of Vitamin A, a healthy component but also one that encourages the development of osteoporosis. If you are taking another supplement that contains Vitamin A, it would not be safe if you take Centrum Cardio at the same time.

In addition, pregnant women or those who are nursing are discouraged from the multivitamins, as there are ingredients that are potentially harmful to infants. In addition, Centrum Cardio is high in iron. Therefore, it goes without saying that an overdose might prove to be life-threatening, especially to children, as indicated in the label.

Common side effects include headache as well, so you might as well mull over taking in another tablet the first time you tried it. Upset stomach is also another unwanted effect, and one that is quite inconvenient too, as well as an unpleasant after taste. A potential side effect too is nausea or vomiting. You might also exhibit severe constipation. When it comes to allergic reaction, the most common forms are sudden rashes, itching, hives, wheezing, unexplained swelling, and difficulty in swallowing or breathing.

This is not to discourage anyone who is interested from purchasing the subject vitamins, but rather to let him known what he would be spending his money for. Centrum Cardio is a really good vitamin when it comes to cardiac health, and to avoid the unwanted side effects, moderation and caution should be practiced.

Take note that in most drugs, it is always a good practice to check the label and the list of components. Seeking medical help is also a good thing, especially if you have some reservations or restrictions when it comes to some drugs.

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