Are organic vitamins really better for you?

Are organic vitamins really better for you?

Some might argue about whether or not organic vitamins are really any better for you than non-organic synthetic forms. Many people are just not sure of what type of to chose or simply do not know enough information to realize that there is a difference. Most people who take supplements have randomly chosen them without knowing what they need to be taking or the difference in quality. Not all supplements are created equal.

There are two types of supplement that are currently on the market. The first and perhaps the most well known vitamins would be the synthetic variety. These type of are made in a lab using vitamin molecules instead of actually using the real source.

While some of these vitamins are effective in giving our bodies what we need there are some instances such as with Vitamin C where it simply does not work as well and where it can cause harm if not monitored. Synthetic Vitamin C is not properly absorbed by our systems and because of this; we cannot generally rely on synthetic Vitamin C to really give us what we need.

The second type of vitamin is the non-synthetic, which is also known as the organic vitamin. These non-synthetics are made from specific foods that are derived from the source. They are not tampered with or taken from altered chemical compositions. They are all natural and nothing is synthetic.

Because they are not tampered or altered natural vitamins, are the most popular and widely accepted. Synthetic supplements do provide some needed sources of nutrition but overall the better and safer option is to choose an organic vitamin for your supplements in order to assure proper absorption.

This will certainly help you to maintain adequate nutritional levels that are essential for a proper and healthy lifestyle. Equally important is to be sure you eat a balanced diet filled with fresh, organic products and that includes a lot of fruit and vegetables.

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