Tips BEFORE You Buy Acai Berry Products

Tips BEFORE You Buy Acai Berry Products

As there is a lot of information online about acai berry products, it can be hard to distinguish between informative, promotional, misleading, and simply false information.

This article collected all useful tips about what to look for in acai products, and also some essential information on acai berry scams. You are free to do whatever you want with this information, but as an experienced acai juice user, I recommend reading it before you buy acai berry products.

Selecting Acai berry products

  • Only buy products that contain 100% pure acai berry extract. There are a lot of companies that have jumped into the market of acai berry products. However, when their product only contains a minimal percentage of acai berry extract, all you can hope for are minimal results.

  • Since acai berries are harvested by hand in the rainforest, they don’t come cheap. If a product seems to cheap to be true, it usually is. You get what you pay for.
    Only buy products that have are reviewed or tested by an independent third party. It does not matter what a vendor claims. The truth is, they will tell you everything you want to hear in order to make a sale.

  • Since products can have different results for different people, you should stick to a product that had good results for you. In the beginning it is okay to try out a couple of different products, however when you like something, stick with it.

  • Juice performs better than powders and supplements, because a liquid intake makes it easier for the human body to extract the beneficial ingredients. It is said that pills have an efficiency rate of only 20%, while juice can have an efficiency rate of up to 90%.

Information about Acai scams

  • Only buy from a vendor that you can trust. There are a lot of dishonest businesses. It is for this reason that I only buying my acai products on
    Usually, you can identify a scam website by its flashy website with pushy text on it.

  • If you don’t intend to buy a product, don’t fall for the free trial offer. Only make use of such an offer when you already intend to buy the product, since it might be hard to have it completely for free after you have filled out your details.

It is for these reasons that I only buy my products from I know that I can trust them with my details, and after trying out quite a lot of the acai products available, I know which ones are performing best for me.

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