What Are Some Traditional Sweet Potato Recipes in North America?

What Are Some Traditional Sweet Potato Recipes in North America?

I love eating sweet potatoes. Aside from being really abundant, sweet potato is a good source of complex carbohydrates for energy boosting purposes, dietary fibers for proper digestion, and even beta carotene nutrients for better eyesight. This is why in almost all continents; there are several sweet potato recipes being cooked customarily.

In northern part of America, sweet potatoes are being served during Christmas holidays and Thanksgiving Day. This is because these are the times when they are usually abundant since sweet potatoes are harvested there from August until October.

During these seasons, people in North America usually prepare different sweet potato recipes like the candied sweet potato, the sweet potato casserole, pie made from sweet potato, slices of sweet potato, fries, baked sweet potato, butter and mush.

The first recipe, the Candied sweet potato recipe, is quite remarkable and significant because it is traditionally served on the table of American during Thanksgiving Day. It is usually cooked with brown sugar, orange juice, marshmallows, syrup made from maple, molasses and other sugary condiments and ingredients. This dish also represents specific customary American way of cooking. This recipe is actually one of the plenty of healthy sweet potato recipes being served in the country.

In making the healthy recipes for sweet potato, you can also try searching the internet and find preparations that will match your taste. Make sure as well that the ingredients of the recipe you will choose are all available in your supermarket. As much as possible, do not change or substitute any ingredient.

This is because I believe that changing even a single part will make your sweet potato taste different than what it is ought to be. Hence, always stick to the plan and be faithful to the nitty-gritty of preparations. Otherwise, if the ingredient is not available in the nearest supermarket, try to choose other recipes instead.

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