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Making Delicious Pizzles with Pizzelle Irons

Making Delicious Pizzles with Pizzelle Irons

Pizzelles are delicious, crisp, waffle like cookies that are popularly known as Italian cookies. From its word “pizzelle”, literally it means small pizza. A pizzelle is usually made of sugar, flour, vegetable oil butter and eggs. It is also often seasoned with traditional ingredients such as lemon or vanilla. Pizzelles are normally created with the use of pizzelle makers. The first pizzelle makers were actually made of iron, which is why nowadays it is referred and popularly known as pizzelle irons.

Pizzelles are easy and fun to make, however, the pizzelle maker can only cook two cookies at the same time. After they are cooked in the waffle maker, they are being set aside to cool in a flat surface, until they turn crispy. This famous Italian dessert is then used to produce cannoli shell, dessert bowls, small baskets and ice cream cones.

There are two types of pizzelle makers. They are the traditional pizzelle makers and modern electronic pizzelle makers. The traditional waffle maker is a solid formed iron double skillet, designed to be confined over an open fire to achieve a baked cookie. On the other hand, modern elecrtric pizzelle makers are secured into a wall, ironed down for seconds in order to cook the pizzelle thoroughly. The latest versions of electric irons are Teflon and Silverstone. They are non-stick irons, so it prevents the sticking of the batter.

Some chefs and cooks would prefer the traditional iron because they are used to cook pizzelles on it. They also find it fascinating because they can have an iron that is customized with their own choice of style and design. They would even engrave their option of symbol in the machine. Now for some cooks, they would opt for the modern pizzelle makers because they believe that it is the most convenient way to cook pizzelles. Just a simple plug, mixing the dough and bake, then fresh pizzelles is produced.

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