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Arguments for Going Vegan

Arguments for Going Vegan

I have been a vegan for the last couple of years. Not once have I regretted my decision to do so, because I am fully convinced that we human beings are not supposed to consume our fellow creatures here on earth. We simply do not have that right, and of that I am convinced.

Now there are several groups advocating the same belief that I have. But the thing is, I do not belong to any of those, as I actually became a vegan by my own choice and not because I was pushed into it. I was not motivated by the thought that this is something cool and modern and therefore I should be a part of it. And I certainly did not get into it because of my religious or spiritual beliefs. Not that I found any of those reasons particularly wrong at all, but they just were not mine.

First off, the thing with veganism that got to me was its condemnation of the use of violence. It somehow just made sense that consuming food does not necessarily mean you have to harm or make another creature suffer. Especially since some of the processes used to prepare meat from animals are unbelievably cruel and painful for them. And before they even get to be herded and killed off for the meat that they provide, the animals’ living conditions make human prisons seem like paradise.

Another equally important argument that I have for going vegan has something to do with health. Vegans like myself have been drawn to veganism as a diet that is fully devoid of any animal meat has proven to be an excellent way to avoid certain diseases. If you are not interested in dealing with obesity, heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, and many other deadly diseases, then I suggest you start going vegan too.

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