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Why Not Go For Veganism?

Why Not Go For Veganism?

Why aren’t many more people pursuing becoming a vegan? That is a question that I often wonder about. I have been a vegan for about three years now and have been reaping the benefits of being one. I have finally been able to control my weight after I embraced veganism, and my blood pressure and cholesterol came down to normal levels because of it. I also became stronger and have shown to have an improved endurance. That happened after I coupled my veganism with some exercise, however light it is.

There are several reasons why anyone ever goes from being a meat-eater to a vegan. One of the highest would be the one dealing with spirituality. There are certain religions that teach veganism as a path to get closer to God and find real peace and contentment within oneself. That is probably as exalted a reason as you could find behind a type of diet. Others simply find it more ethical or more humane to just eat plants rather than animals.

The issue of ethics when it comes to eating meat from animals comes into play because of the so-called violence involved in the preparation of the said meat. More often than not, the means for preparing the animal meat does involve plenty of violent acts, which therefore makes the thing automatically unacceptable to vegans. On the other hand, eating fruits and vegetables and the meat substitutes which also come from plant products also does its part in keeping the environment healthy.

Many more people are finally becoming aware of the benefits that could be derived from getting into veganism and becoming a full-pledged vegan. As awareness spreads, then it is expected that veganism would be more than just an exotic lifestyle to people, but a legitimate alternative that has nothing but positive results to offer.

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