Sub Zero Refrigerator Options For Your Dream Kitchen

Sub Zero Refrigerator Options For Your Dream Kitchen

If your favorite place in your home is your kitchen, then you probably spend a lot of time in there cooking great meals for your family. This time can be made more enjoyable if you own nice quality high-end kitchen appliances – including a top-notch refrigeration solution.

Anyone who has any familiarity with high end refrigerators and freezers is likely well aware of the Sub-Zero brand. Fridges manufactured by this firm are famed for their professional looks –and also their professional price tags! While not suitable for every household budget, Sub Zero offers a wide diversity of attractive appliances for those willing to spend some serious money.

PRO 48 Refrigerators

The most desired Sub Zero unit on the market is definitely their PRO 48 line. These are the giant refrigerators – that weigh many hundreds of pounds – often seen in expensive model homes. If you want your kitchen cooking to be backed by a quality refrigerator, this is the unit for you.

This model comes it two basic types. One model with two beautiful steel doors, and a second that offers one door in glass to display the contents. While personally I cannot imagine anyone who makes heavy use of their kitchen wanting a glass door on their refrigerator – and thus displaying all sorts of leftovers – it is good to at least have that option available.

Integrated Refrigerators

Many Sub Zero fridge freezers are available as built-in installations for those who favor that style for their kitchen. In my opinion the extra cost for most integrated fridges is not worth-while, but many people really like the look. Sub-Zero does a great job in offering plenty of solutions for that consumer group.

With Sub Zero you have the choice of built-in units that are solely refrigerators, or solely freezers. Many times people do not want a combination fridge-freezer, as the compromises that type of appliance offers in space can result in a solution that is not large enough to truly satisfy either their cooling or freezing needs.

If your taste is more to larger side-by-side units – which is generally my preference – Sub Zero offers models like the BI-48S. This four foot wide refrigerator freezer offers space that should be sufficient for even the most active home chef!

Undercounter Refrigerators

While not as commonly used as their other models, Sub-Zero also some under counter refrigerators. This type of fridge is typically installed in a space similar to that used for a dishwasher installation.

I am not a big fan of this particular form factor – no matter the manufacturer – as they tend to be very pricey for the size. They have to be designed to function with the limited ventilation available beneath a counter-top, and this tends to make them more expensive to manufacture.

If your kitchen is tight on space however they can be a viable option. If you can get by without a full sized refrigerator, one of these units might allow you to install a small fridge without losing any counter space.

While these appliances certainly have a lot to offer, Sub Zero fridge price points are out of reach for most shoppers. If you really want the room where you do all your cooking to be a true dream kitchen however; is it at least worth taking the time to check out what the Sub Zero line-up has to offer.

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